Cover of Wonderbook, which features the title surrounded by a steampunk aesthetic over a city on the back of a whale-like creature floating in an ocean

Wonderbook by Jeff VanderMeer and illustrated by Jeremy Zerfoss – A Review

I’d originally seen this book on a table at a writer’s conference. It caught my eye because it’s larger than most of the books in the writing genre. It also lacks the simplistic cover that many in the section have. (Have you ever flipped through …

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Cover of The Writer's Journey, which features a sunset or sunrise over an ocean

The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler – A Review

TW for gendered content Christopher Vogler builds on Joseph Campbell’s works in this book. Campbell had originally written The Hero with a Thousand Faces in the 1940s, detailing a theory that every story ever written had the same basic structure, dubbed the “monomyth theory”. Vogler …

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