Freelance Blogging

The Right Security Starts with a Risk Assessment

Why starting with a risk assessment is a crucial part of eliminating vulnerabilities in cybersecurity.

Why Include Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

The social landscape is changing, but why should you try to include videos in your marketing strategy if videos aren’t what you do?

Is it Possible to Use Digital Marketing without Spending Money on Ads?

An analysis of the importance of ads in today’s marketing strategies.

Bylined Articles

Revisiting the Classics of Writing Advice

These books show up on every booklist out there for new writers, but do they stand the test of time?

The Case for Calling In

Why it’s so important to explicitly invite minorities in when looking to be more inclusive.

Witchcraft 101

Top 5 books on witchcraft in the Microcosm store.

Where We Work: The Story of Our Building

An overview of the history of 2752 N Williams Ave in Portland, Oregon.

So you want to start writing polycules from the ground up…

A guest post on Simply Original Characters that takes a look at writing romantic relationships involving 3 or more people.

At the Intersection of Millennials, Media and Paganism

A guest column on The Wild Hunt that takes a look at how the media covers paganism – especially with regards to young people. (Under a pseudonym.)

Looking to Mythology for Better Representation

Where to find marginalized people in mythology – and how modern worshipers fill in the gaps. (Under a pseudonym.)


The People’s Guide to Publishing by Joe Biel


Unf#ck Your Adulting by Dr. Faith Harper


This is Your Brain on Depression by Dr. Faith Harper


The Planet Winter 2012

All stages of editing from developmental to proofreading.

The Planet Silent Spring 2012

All stages of editing from developmental to proofreading.