Cover of True Trans Bike Rebel, which features a genderfluid cat riding a bicycle in front of a van that has the title of the zine and various positive messages spray-painted onto it.

Art by Trista Vercher

Cover TBA
True Trans Bike Rebel
edited by Lydia Rogue

A collection of essays from trans and nonbinary people who use human-powered modes of transportation.
The Great Trans-Universal Bike Ride
edited by Lydia Rogue

A collection of feminist bicycling science fiction, by trans and nonbinary creators. Currently slated for publication in late 2020. Submissions open until November 15, 2018.


I’m human too (Ink & Nebula)

Derivative Fiction:

A Fresh Cup of Coffee (ongoing)
An in-universe spin-off of the web series RWBY that follows a group of side characters through the events of the first three volumes.
Alea Iacta Est (co-written)
A humorous reimagining of the first three volumes of the web series RWBY as a D&D game being played by the title characters of the show.
A Moment that Changes a Life (ongoing)
Second person stories that delve deeply into minor characters from the web series RWBY.
The Weight of a Guilty Conscience
Expanding on existing canon, this piece is a non-linear look at how side characters from RWBY may have gotten to where they are.
Full archive here.