Please contact me directly for a quote. I charge by the word, page or project and my rates vary depending on what you want done and how quickly you need it. Rush fees (less than a week) start at 20%, up to 50% for a 48 hour turn around. (Rushes aren’t always available, contact me for information.) If you need something done under 48 hours, contact me for more information. Note that some services are not available rushed, see below for more information.


Please read through the options closely so you know what type of editing you want. I will need to see the copy before I can give an accurate quote. I may also recommend one type of editing over another, depending on where you are in the process. I charge by the word or by the page for editing, as determined by the initial draft sent. No revisions.


Proofreading is the final step before publication. This type of editing is the least expensive, but is also only looking for typos, misplaced commas etc., nothing more. You will need a polished final draft – generally something you want to send out to agents or to publications.

Line Editing

This is late-game editing. Still primarily focused on grammar, I’d be doing slightly bigger picture stuff. Misplaced modifiers, incomplete sentences, word choice issues etc. Some of it will be proofreading-style comma errors, I’ll also ensure tense, POV, tone etc. are consistent. I won’t be weighing in on choice of sources or plots, I’m starting to pick apart the nitty gritty at this stage.

Copy Editing

This is bigger picture editing. I’ll weigh in on angle and subplots, order, structure etc. At this stage, very little grammar is tweaked. I’m checking to see that names in fiction aren’t too similar and don’t have any unintended meanings. I’m pointing out if you had a character change names halfway through or if you accidentally dropped a subplot halfway through. For nonfiction, I’m looking at sources and seeing if you need more, or could cut one. This type of editing is primarily focused on structure, tone and voice.

Developmental Editing

This is the biggest picture editing. Grammar is ignored completely in favor of looking at things like plot, character development, structure, points to expand on and more. This is the first type of editing done on a manuscript or copy.


Please read through the options closely so you know what type of writing you want. I reserve the right to decline any work I don’t morally agree with. For writing, I charge by the word. Revisions available by negotiation. I can do limited SEO work on most types of writing, but make no guarantees on outcomes.

I will not write your school papers for you.

Bylined Articles

Articles that have my name attached to them.


These are articles where I have to hunt down and call sources. It’ll generally be cheaper if you have contact information on hand. While I can do these types of articles, unless it’s a topic of interest to me, I’m likely to decline. You’ll need to provide a specific topic – “how ocean acidification affects the Seattle Aquarium” not “ocean acidification” – and preferably 3-5 sources with contact information. These have an absolute turnaround minimum of one week and a flexible deadline if sources are unresponsive.


No contacting sources, just pure research. I can do this about most topics. If you’ve already done interviews and have transcripts for me to work off, it falls into this category. I can write these on a rushed deadline. Generally, I’ll want a topic to work off of – but you don’t have to be super specific. (e.g. “ocean acidification in Puget Sound” would work just fine.)

Content Writing

These are things like blog posts and articles for your website that don’t have any names attached to them.


I will call sources for content writing, however you will need contact information for me. Generally content writing falls into the category of ‘researched’ and not reported. Reported content writing has a minimum turnaround of one week, with a flexible deadline in the event of unresponsive sources.


All I need is a topic for this. The more specific, the better. If you provide a vague topic, I may decline or may press for more information on what you’re looking for. I can also help brainstorm ideas with you if you’re not sure what you want.

Copy Writing

This generally writing for static webpages, brochures, travel guides etc. You will need to provide an outline of what you’re looking for and I can flesh it out from there for you. You’ll also need to be available to provide additional information as needed. Generally this can be completed on a rushed deadline.

Ghost Writing

Any writing published under a name that isn’t mine falls into the category of ghost writing. Whether it’s a book, an article or something else, I can generally provide. Let’s chat about what project you have in mind.


Sensitivity Reading

If you’re a cisgender and/or straight person writing about queer topics, chances are you’ll want a sensitivity reader to ensure you didn’t screw something up. While this generally refers to fiction, if you’re doing nonfiction pieces and looking for help, I’m happy to provide. I charge for this service because it’s emotional labor that takes time and energy. I can provide sensitivity reading services for many queer topics, particularly nonbinary, polyamorous, bi/pan and ace characters. Trans issues in general are something I take on a case-by-case basis, depending on the scope of your project. I charge a flat fee for sensitivity reading. Feedback is provided via email and may be as simple as “I didn’t read anything that could be construed as problematic” or as detailed as information on where problems are and how to fix them.

In your initial email, provide details of the project (fiction vs. nonfiction, length, basic premise/plot, etc.) and what you’re concerned about. If it’s fiction, provide a character profile as well for all relevant characters.

Writing Workshops

Do you want to provide a writing workshop for your employees or customers? I’m happy to help you develop a curriculum that meets your needs.Whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, poetry, a one-time event or recurring, I want to work with you to meet your needs.

If you’re in Portland or the surrounding areas, I’m happy to facilitate the workshop as well. (You will be responsible for cost of travel outside of the Portland metro area.) Currently only available for the Pacific Northwest.


I reserve the right to refuse any contract for any reason at any time. I offer discounts for verified nonprofits whose mission I support. Please email me from your nonprofit-related email address.