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Wonderbook by Jeff VanderMeer and illustrated by Jeremy Zerfoss – A Review

I’d originally seen this book on a table at a writer’s conference. It caught my eye because it’s larger than most of the books in the writing genre. It also lacks the simplistic cover that many in the section have…. Continue Reading →

diy MFA by Gabriela Pereira – A Review

TW: None that I recall off-hand in the book itself, though some of the pieces cited were pretty sexist and had character death and stigmatization of someone with mental illness This resource is pretty unique in that it’s more than… Continue Reading →

The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler – A Review

TW for gendered content Christopher Vogler builds on Joseph Campbell’s works in this book. Campbell had originally written The Hero with a Thousand Faces in the 1940s, detailing a theory that every story ever written had the same basic structure,… Continue Reading →

On Writing by Stephen King – A Review

TW for the book: medical trauma, death, suicide, alcohol, drugs, racist homophobic and ableist slurs, car crash, injury, blood Stephen King has, as of writing this, published 54 novels and about 200 short stories. He is one of the most… Continue Reading →


There’s been a movement of late, pushing to recognize the importance of #OwnVoices. But what is it, and why is it important? As we start to recognize the importance of diversity in fiction and mass media in general, we also… Continue Reading →

Style Guides for the Newbie Editor

One thing I’ve learned recently about the publishing process is that there are a lot of people involved. Every step of the process takes someone new – even for something like a zine. For True Trans Bike Rebel, in addition… Continue Reading →

Honing Your Craft Online

Some of the free online resources out there that will help all writers, beginners to veterans, further hone their craft.

Honing Your Craft on a Budget

How do you land that five-figure advance with a dollar-menu budget? There are tons of ways to perfect your writing craft even without deep pockets and here are some of them.

So you want to start writing polycules from the ground up…

Once you’ve gotten the basics on writing polyamorous characters, how do you keep going forward and making them better, developing them further? Here’s some advice on pitfalls and potential points of conflict.

So you want to write about polyamory…

Polyamory is a fun relationship style to explore, but many writers struggle to do it respectfully. Here’s a guide on how to do it.

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